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Mission Statement:

We aim to produce high-quality studio recordings with God-fearing, Christ-honoring musicians at low- or no-cost to the artist.

Artists are hand-selected, and their music is provided FREE of charge to the public.

We rely on donations in order to bring this music to life. Thanks for your support!



Karl Gessler Band

Contemporary Folk Worship  //  Recorded 2017

Johnson Bentley Band

Family-style Gospel Bluegrass  //  Recorded 2018

Teyo Lee

Folksy Roots Music with a Heart of Gold  //  Recorded 2017

Karl Gessler Band

Contemporary, folksy and passionate worship music

Alisha Mullett

A clean and pure voice - you can hear the depths of her heart

Johnson Bentley Band

Family-style gospel bluegrass featuring 9 year old banjo player


Look for new albums coming from these artists in 2019 and beyond.

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More Artists


We are always in search of new music to feature.

If you'd like to record at Pilgrim Road, please send a link to your music

(even a rough phone recording will do) to: PilgrimRoadStudio@gmail.com



Pilgrim Road Studio exists to promote the Kingdom of God through God-fearing, Christ-honoring music and media productions.

We believe that modern media and culture lack good examples of the power of Christ to change lives.

We believe that music, when infused with the truths of God's Word, can have the power the reach deep into people's hearts.

Our goal is to redeem the time, tools and media - which our culture commonly wastes on self glory - and use them to promote the Kingdom of God, here on earth as it is in heaven.

We do not wish to elevate the artists and families featured in this music, but instead let their voices be freely heard so that ALL people may glorify God and walk more closely with His blessed Son Jesus.

Please consider joining us in

this endeavor by making a

donation. Blessings!

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