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Sounds Like Reign

Songs for Weary Pilgrims on Planet Earth
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Arise My Soul

A musical journey of victory and hope for weary souls on the pilgrim way


Shepherd Songs

Gentle and soothing songs for young and old alike

King Jesus

Giving all honor and glory to the King of Kings

Endless Praise

A fresh take on traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs

Silo Sessions

An intimate collection of mostly acapella songs recorded on-location in an abandoned silo

Her Heart Sings, Volume 2

Lindsay shares her favorite hymns and spiritual songs

Little Pilgrim Songs

An ecclectic collection of songs about faith, family and following Jesus

Her Heart Sings

Just Lindsay. Her guitar. And her voice. Recorded LIVE among trees, along streams, and atop mountains.

Living Room Sessions

Refreshing and gentle old-time spirituals with a surprising contemporary twist

Joy Comes in the Mourning

Lively and contemplative songs about finding joy through our struggles

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It Is Better Farther On // Sounds Like Reign
It Is Better Farther On // Sounds Like Reign
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Oh Christ Surround Me // Sounds Like Reign
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Brethren We Have Met To Worship // Sounds Like Reign
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Sounds Like Reign
Sounds Like Reign | Brackin & Lindsay Kirkland
"Refreshingly creative and uplifting"

-  Guy Randall

"Seriously, this music is Heaven sent
and full of ministry"

-  Karrie Kehart

Brackin Kirkland is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound engineer who is compelled to draw others to Christ through personal story-telling and biblical narratives set to captivating music. Lindsay - beautiful wife and wonderful mother - has an angelic voice and brings a simple, grounded aesthetic to the music.

The music of Sounds Like Reign can be described as a "sonic exploration of faith in God" featuring sweeping soundscapes and passionate lyrics. This original music has been composed to inspire the wandering mind to focus on our Creator and walk in the light of His son Jesus.

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